Renewable, Non-Renewable Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and CO2 emission: Evidence for Iran

Soheila Khoshnevis Yazdi- Bahman Khanalizadeh – Nikos Mastorakis


Advances in Environmental Sciences, Development and Chemistry

ISBN: 978-1-61804-239-2


 In this study, we employ ARDL approach to provide evidence on the CO2 emissions, economic growth and coal consumption renewable energy consumption, nonrenewable energy consumption and population in Iran using for an extended time period, i.e. from 1975 2011. Furthermore, the causal relationships among the variables are further examined using the Granger causality test. Our empirical results suggest that the variables are cointegrated in the case of Iran. In other words, there is a long-run relationship between CO2 emissions, economic growth and. Granger causality test reveal a strong evidence of bidirectional causality running from economic growth to CO2 emissions. Moreover, there is bidirectional causality between economic growth and renewable energy consumption in the short and long run.

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